Charles Henry Reed Riches 1868-1934 Married Margaret Eleanor Angell 1871-1908 on the 7th of February 1893. They had (4) children?. Charles Stanley Reid 1893-1966. Barbara M 1895-1980.

George Henry Wiseman 1897-1987. Clarence Harold John Richard 1901-1963.

He then Married Olive Adele Bateman 1887-1982 on the 6th of April 1911.


Charles Stanley Reed Riches 1893-1966 Married Violet Halling Betty ) Compton 1904-1944 on the 19th of October 1922.

George Henry Wiseman Riches 1897-1987 Married Gl;adys Luella Phillips 1899-1927 on the 17th of January 1920. They had (3) children. Margaret Eleanor 1921-2011. George Merlyn 1922-1942.

Ormand 1925-2001. 

George Merlyn Riches was a flight sergeant in the RCAF he was killed in action on the 20th of May 1942


Clarence Harold John Riches 1901-1963 Married Malorie Yulee Lenore NEWDICK 1901-AFT1964 in 1928.




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