About me

Name: David Albert Newdick
Home town: Bradford West Riding Yorkshire
Hobbies.Researching The Family Tree,Music.

I took early retirement in 1995 from local transport,had a few month's off then started work again.

I finished work for good in 2010, most of my spare time is used to research the family tree.

I am the last male with the surname Newdick of the F3 family line.

The family line continues in Australia from Henry's brother Albert Edward &Henry's other brother George William who went to Canada.

I have lived in the same house, for 65 years. My father Albert bought our home in 1952.

My grandaughter Charlotte, is the 4th generation to have lived in this house.

I have only met 2 other people with our surname, at a funeral last year. I don't know  yet , the connection of how we are related.

I believe our family originate from Holland. A slight variation in the surname spelling. They came over to England to clear the fens. Some obviously stayed. 

We use the Coat of arms, as it represents our surname.
My DNA results state that iam 53% Western Europe,27Irish, 7% Scadinavian, 7% Iberian Peninsula & 6% Trace Regions.

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